Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Outline of the Second Term Paper


As we observe the physical laws around us we notice that they are there to keep this world functioning as it does. We are bound by these laws whether we like it or not, yet, in the world of films and animation many physical laws can and will be broken in order to convey a world of their own. Some films try to stay as close as possible to the laws of the real world, but somehow these laws are broken be it deliberately or through limited knowledge of those laws that bind us, Other films however choose to go beyond the limitations of real world physics and allow the imagination to roam freely. The following three films have moments in which actual physical laws are seemingly broken.

1. In the film "Serenity" a science fiction film that takes place in the distant future a crew of outlaws  make their money by transporting cargo, passengers or  through illegal activity around the varying planets that exist in their realm. while they travel in outerspace, the laws of zero gravity can be seen in every aspect as would be seen in the real world except when they are inside the cargo ship. Gravity still exists and nothing inside the ship floats around as you would see in NASA footage.

2. In the film " Predator" the action takes place in this planet, all the physical laws would apply to everything that dwells within, yet the predator as he goes around hunting humans seems to have almost a gliding leap every time he jumps as if in slow motion while everything else is happening in real time, he defies the laws of time that constrain a normal person or beast. As if his gravity pull is moonlike in nature.

3. In the animated film "Up". The balloon cart and the house being pulled upwards by the multitude of balloons. This is one that has me wondering if it is possible at all with enough party balloons to achieve such a majestic feat. I do know they tried doing this with a small empty house with numerous huge 8 foot balloons and it worked! I am convinced that if the balloon cart and what it carried was light enough then the balloons attached to it would have enough force from the helium to pull the cart up. Now the house from the film is a different story because not only is it pulled up but it is also uprooted from its foundation which would require a lot of force.


These films differ in content yet they break similar rules that deal with gravity, but, although these rules are broken they make for good entertainment and ultimately most films are meant to be entertaining.

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