Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stop Motion Character Animation

I went into this project with the intention to make the action figures break dance like crazy but when I got down to it I realized it would be a losing battle so I only did partial dancing with the Hulk Character which in itself was tough, he kept falling and bending funny. I opted to make a more mellow scene without a lot of dancing. It was frustrating at times but although the result is a bit rough I was somewhat satisfied with the outcome. I used two or three light sources depending on the scene and set up a stage for the action figures, I had a storyboard so I could organize my scenes and used some household items and lots of tape, Lots of it, in order to keep things in place. I took 469 pictures and did some editing and refining in some of them. I used "I-movie" to put them in sequence and used"garage band" for the audio.

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