Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Laws of Physics in an Animation Universe Outline

1. Intro.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (2009)

A 3D animated film about a young aspiring inventor named Flint Lockwood who after several failed attempts at creating something worthwhile to help make the world a better place, finally gets his lucky break when he invents a machine that turns water into food, the town he lives in is now saved from its financial woes.

Thesis- The movie takes place in a small town somewhere in the atlantic and I presume the physics are based on those of this planet yet in this animation world several instances give it physical laws of its own.

2. Body

Inertia extremes
Newtons' first law suggests that an objects' velocity is constant whether it is still or moving until acted upon by another force.
In this film we see several examples of inertia taking place some of which were exxagerated for the purposes of entertainment
a. when Flint is pulled by the food machine acting like a rocket
b. during the spaghetti tornado
c.during flight to stop food machine


The speed at which objects move.
the human characters move at varying speeds to get from one place to another. Sometimes there are liberties taken in this animated world to get someone or something from point A to point B in a certain amount of time.
a. Cop when scolding Flint and then catching a jaywalker
B. during one of the food storms


In this animated world the laws of gravity seem to change according to the scene they break away from the normal physics we see in our own world yet they work for the animated one.
a. when food gets out of control falling from the sky
b. In the gelatin house
c. when flint attempts to get home while flying through the spaghetti tornado
d. when the group attempts to stop the machine in the sky and are attacked by flying food


the laws governing the animated world do not necessarily apply to those of this world and several instances show an exxageration of certain physical laws that would not be possible in our planet but which help the story move along and are still believable in a comedic way from an audiences perspective, these exxagerations were done purposely for entertainment and they work well.

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